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The internet is an amazing thing, no question.

But sometimes the sheer amount of choice can become overwhelming. This is especially true if you’re struggling with your health. The last thing you want to be doing is spending ages looking for the answers you need!

So, to try and make it easier for you all I have put together a list of resources for mental illness and migraine. 

Included in the list are websites, apps, helplines, books and anything else I’ve used and wanted to share.

I’ll be adding more to these lists as I discover new resources so check back often!

If you have a particular resource you think is awesome and it’s not on the list, drop me an email at karen@daftscribe.com and I’ll check it out.

Mental Illness

  • Samaritans – 116 123 Helpline for anyone in emotional distress.
  • SANE– Charity Offering emotional support. Also campaigns for employment opportunities for people with severe mental illness.
  • Mind – Probably the most well known mental health charity in the UK. Packed full of info, tons of support and much more.
  • The Mighty – A blog that provides support and info for a variety of physical and mental issues.   
  • Anxious Lass – UK blogger Kelly Jean writes about triumphing over anxiety and looking after your mental health.
  • 7 Cups of Tea– Provides free online support for a variety of physical and mental illnesses and issues. 


  • The Migraine Trust– Charity providing evidence-based info, also campaigns/supports people affected by migraine in the UK.
  • Migraine Again – Site offering tons of info on migraine, a supportive community and more. 
  • Migraine World Summit –  a huge annual event where dozens of experts all over the world run virtual lectures, interviews and more.
  • The Mighty – A blog that provides support and info for a variety of physical and mental issues including migraine.   
  • My Migraine Brain – Kelley Nunn created my migraine brain to raise awareness of  vestibular migraine and to help others with the condition
  • Migraine.comWebsite offering info, a community and more.