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Behind the Blog

Hi! I’m Karen, the face behind the blog. I’ve had mental illness and migraine for thirty years and this blog is where I share what I’ve learned about overcoming them and living a happier, healthier life. 

My Story

I was twelve the first time the family doctor wanted to put me on anti depressants but I can remember feeling that way from eight years old. Around the same age is when I first remember my worrying about everything. I’d panic that the furniture was too heavy for my room and would make the floor collapse, I’d feel mortal terror at the thought of crossing a bridge (I bloody hated the humber bridge) I remember so many times stuck in a dark room because I was in agony. 

But it wasn’t until I was in my mid thirties after losing my job and barely able to leave my flat let alone function, that I realised I had to do something. After A LOT of therapy and finally finding the right combinations of medication I finally feel like I’m getting there. Don’t get me wrong I still get a lot of bad days, days where I want to bang my head against the wall till I can’t feel it anymore or days where just the thought of getting out of bed is enough to make me want to cry. 

But I now have stuff in my toolbox to help me deal with them. It doesn’t stop me getting bad days but it really helps me get through them. Writing is another tool in my toolbox and it’s why I wanted to start a blog. It was a way for me to combine my passion for writing with my wanting to help others out there. 
So if you’re looking for info on all manner of things to do with depression, anxiety or migraine then you’re in the right place. Not only that but you can connect with others (and me ofc!) in a safe and non-judgmental place. You don’t have to suffer alone and in silence!

A little about me…

I was born and raised in the midlands in England where I still live. I have a flat which I share with my two cats (though it’s more like they let me share their home lol) 

I’m a big fan of horror films with my favourite’s being sci-fi horror (stuff like Alien, Species, Event Horizon etc) I’m also a gamer (playstation sorry Xboxers!)

I am also a major bookworm and have several overloaded bookshelves. I really like fantasy or horror (James Herbert is a legend!) 

I’m currently working part-time in customer services but when I’m not at my job or working on my blog I’m studying to become an animal behaviourist (a life long dream…better late than never right?)