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Need Help and Support or More Infomation?


Feel alone? Feel like there’s no one you can talk to? Or maybe you feel overwhelmed and just want some help and support?
I hear you!

I’ve put together a list of resources including helplines, websites and more to make it easy for you to find
what you’re looking for!

Beginners Guides

Recently been diagnosed with depression? Want to learn more about anxiety? Need info on Migraines? I know how much of a nightmare it can be trawling the web for answers so I’ve put together a beginners guide series. 

Each guide has information on symptoms, treatments and much more!


to DaftScribe. Nice to meet you!

I’m Karen, a writer and aspiring animal behaviourist living in the UK. I’ve spent most of my life struggling with depression, anxiety and migraines.

I created this blog to share my journey to overcome these conditions and I hope that by doing so I can help others fighting their own battles with mental illness and migraines. 

So come and join me and lets learn together how to defeat depression, master migraines and ambush anxiety!

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